Mount Akina 2017

Mount Akina is a semi fictional road from the popular comic / anime, Initial D. The real road is named Mount Haruna and is located in Gunma, Japan.

Credits: Race King (R.K.) for the original track.
Layouts – This track has an uphill, downhill and drift layout. Uphill and downhill are self explanatory. Drift starts you half way down the mountain, drive forwards and you will end up on the road, it has no AI line so you can drive any way you want without fear of being disqualified, perfect for drift servers. Unfortunately no AI line means no cameras for this layout.

Physics Bump Mesh – The track has a high detail bump mesh to bring a bit more life into the feeling of the road and with properly set grip levels for the kind of road that it is.

New Textures – Some parts of the track, such as the road, brushes and trees have have either their texture detail increased to try bring the graphical quality up a bit more.
LOD and performance – The track has distance LOD systems and a few LODs based on graphics settings, from what I have tested the FPS on this version of the track is around 20% higher on my PC than the other versions of Akina out there, and that is with higher detailed shaders and textures.

AI Line, Cameras and 32 pitboxes – This track has 32 pitboxes for all 3 layouts and has start and end timing gates. It supports quick race with AI’s fairly well, keeping in mind AC’s AI isn’t the greatest. However I wouldn’t recommend running race weekends on it as AC’s AI does not support point to point tracks as they hit the finish line and just divide by 0 and drive into walls. Uphill and Downhill layouts have fully automatic cameras, the drift layout has a camera on each hairpin but since it has no AI line it does not switch automatically, price to pay for free run basically.

Assetto Corsa Mount Akina 2017


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