Karelia Cross

Karelia Cross is now out for Assetto Corsa! This track has been ported over from rFactor and is amazing fun to drive.

If you suffer bad fps with Ai, try to lower your smoke settings in-game options. You can also modify track surface file,
it’s located in …content/tracks/karelia/data folder. Change Surface_0 Dirt_Additive value from 1 to 0 and also do same thing with Surface_3.

If you don’t like bumpy surface at start/finish line and some turns also feels too bumpy, please edit track surface file.
Find Surface_3 from surface file and change SIN_HEIGHT to 0 and SIN_LENGHT to 0 and save file.

Track contains 12 pitboxes, working hotlap and single player mode. (probably mp works also, not tested.) 3 different replay cams, (2 tv cams and 1 static.)
Grass is only visible if world detail is set to maximum.

Credit goes to TTM  – Original version is made by KittX for rFactor

V1.1Assetto Corsa Karelia Cross


Assetto Corsa Karelia Cross Download


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