Endine Lake

Lake Endine (Italian: Lago d’Endine) is a lake of the Province of Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy. Covering an area of 2.1 square kilometres, it is formed by the Cherio River at an altitude of 337 metres in the Val Cavallina. The lake lies in the territories of the municipalities of Endine Gaiano, Monasterolo del Castello, Ranzanico and Spinone al Lago.

The lake, set in the narrow valley between tall peaks, has preserved virtually intact the natural environment previously classified “area of remarkable environmental interest” by the authorities of the Lombardy region, subsequently promoted to park and as such subject to protection. The lake banks alternate thick reeds – an ideal breeding area for the wide variety of fish and a bird haven – to small beaches densely populated during week-ends by tourists, who can picnic there in areas suitably equipped with wooden tables, waste bins, etc.

This is a free roam map but be careful as its in an alpha state there are still many holes in the track.


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