Porsche 550 Spyder

The two Porsche 550 Spyder physics set.
The base 1955 Porsche 550/1500 RS (110 BHp, Dunlop R3 natural rubber tires – overheats at 80C, huge slip angle possible) And the “s1” version being a late 50’s hillclimb prepared version with RSK engine part upgrade, increased displacement (1650-1700cc) and new Dunlop R5 tires (synthetic rubber) slightly wider rubber at the rear. Such a car finished 2nd at the 1960 Pikes Peak with Roger Ward at the wheel. We used dyno curves of a 547 1755cc engine.
Ensyuya (Mitsunari Ishii) : Project lead, 3d Model, textures, animations, shaders, sounds
Patrice Cote : Physics, UI car history
Engine sound sources except high rev sound : Citytea
Porsche 550 spyder v2.0 updated Sep 15, 2016
550 body panels have been completed again and they were reborn. Rear cowl, doors around, and front fenders around were improved. Moreover I achieved to reduce 45000 polygons manually in this work.
I’m reviewing the shape, size, location, and angle of dash knobs, headlights, turnsignals, taillights, and so on.
To suit the cockpit for new body panel at that time. Bottoms of doors are raised, so I had to manage to adjust cockpit too. Working with the cockpit earned about 10000 polygons in the end.
Annoying bug at the rear cowl, the shape is wrong, big mistake, I fixed it.
Many parts of the 550 mod are revamped.

Followings are update details in new files.
– Revamped 3D model
– Driver position has been moved lower
– Added new driver’s eye position alongside Kunos camera update since version 1.6.0.
– Adjusted camera views
– New UVmap
– Ambient occlusion effect
– New template for livery
– Added them to the interior, serial number plate, fuse box, fuel pump, foot dimmer switch, fire extinguisher
– S1 hill climb model has new front face, tonneau cover, and tubular frame in the cockpit
– Clipping noise of base model idle sound is fixed
– Improve sound quality of base model
– Adjusted volume levels of each sounds.
– Adjusted the outside of the engine idle sound.
– Added [HEAD_MOVEMENT] in driver3d.ini
– New preview screens
– Some shader adjustments

– New V10 Tyre model
– New gear ratios for Hillclimb version from Porsche standards ratios
– Simplified setup menus, removed many options
– Fine tuning of gearbox timings, clutch, aerodynamics, etc..

New Credits added
– Base version historical liveries from No.8 to 20 by Patrice Cote
– Hillclimb version historical liveries from No.5 to 15 by Patrice Cote

Note: On tyre parameters, ideal pressure is 42 psi, optimal temperature range is 40 to 80C for R3, 40 to 90C for R5.

Adjusted shader settings and polygon counts of LOD optimization
LOD A 168100(base) 166843(hillclimb)
LOD B 90016 5m
LOD C 37554 24m
LOD D 4243 48m



According to the official big update of sound fx by Kunos, whole sound was rebuilt and totally adjusted again.
And many liveries got internal fix because of some overlooks.
Custom textures of helmets and suits are added. To install this mod correctly, keep file structure under the “content” folder.

– Sound was rebuilt and adjusted with Fmod 1.08.12
– Most liveries re-done for better shader use
– Use of new driver texture system (skin.ini)
– Default setup change (spring, tire pressure)
– Minor physics tweak (default camber, tire temperature parameter)


Assetto Corsa Porsche 550 Spyder


Assetto Corsa Porsche 550 Spyder Download


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