Jaguar XJ13

Jaguar had considered the manufacture of a DOHC V12 engine as far back as 1950, initially for racing purposes, and then developing a SOHC road going version, unlike the XK which was designed as a production engine and later pressed into service for racing. The engine design was essentially two XK 6-cylinder engines on a common crankshaft with an aluminium cylinder block, although there were differences in the inlet porting, valve angles and combustion chamber shape. The first engine ran in July 1964.

The idea of a mid-engined prototype was first mooted in 1960, but it was not until 1965 that construction began, with the first car running by March 1966. The aluminium body was designed by Malcolm Sayer, the aerodynamicist responsible for the Jaguar C-type, D-type, E-type and XJS, who used his Bristol Aeroplane Company background to build it using techniques borrowed from the aircraft industry. The task of building the car was entrusted to Bob Blake – described by his contemporaries as “An Artist in Metal”. William Heynes recognised as early as 1964 that a car such as the XJ13 needed an experienced race driver to help develop it. Jack Brabham was approached in this regard but the challenge was eventually taken up by ex-Jaguar Apprentice David Hobbs. David Hobbs was recruited as the XJ13’s main test driver. In 1969 Hobbs was included in a FIA list of 27 drivers who were rated the best in the world. Hobbs achieved an unofficial UK closed lap record with the XJ13 which stood for 32 years. The XJ13’s main test and development driver, Hobbs, was joined at Silverstone for the XJ13’s final test at full racing speed by another racing driver (and ex-Jaguar apprentice) Richard Attwood.

The XJ13 had mid-engine format with the 5.0 litre V12 engine mounted behind the driver, used as a stressed chassis member together with the five-speed manual ZF Transaxle driving the rear wheels.

iVG – official test driver
mantasisg – model and test driving
Dauntless – for multiple and very valuable help
Stereo – for multiple help, faces textures
stuka – for doing tires normal map, helping with tires and steering badge
DrDoomsLab – for helping with driver animation
AlBahner – who suggested me to start it (suggesting to go for a cup at first, but gone for a car lol). Thank you, you really motivated me 🙂
Nahkamarakatti – for very valuable test driving
Seria17hri11er – for all sorts of things – from test driving, to helping with shaders and a lot of motivation
Sovers – for helping with textures
LilSki – for valuable test driving
nighteye – for valuable test driving



– Updated sound. This is real update/fix.

– updated brake heating behavior;
– updated tire longitudinal grip;
– minor physics refinements.

– LODS – should perform much better with large grids;
– Some more details, and some more attention to details in all parts of the model;
– Little improvements for shaders and textures;
– A bit more realistic headlights when turned on;
– Changed driver to 60s style. You can go for 70s driver if you want, just rename “driver3D – 70” file to driver3D.
Nighteye has done a lot of helmet skins for 70s style driver.
– Added Aphidgod’s color pack.


Assetto Corsa Jaguar XJ13


Assetto Corsa Jaguar XJ13 Download

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