Ferrari f248

The Ferrari f248 was named after its V8 engine: 24 is the capacity in decilitres, and 8 the number of cylinders. The engine has been reported to have had a power output of 730 bhp (544 kW; 740 PS) at the start of the 2006 season, but modifications throughout the year boosted the power to around 785 bhp (585 kW; 796 PS) by the season’s end. And now you can drive it in Assetto Corsa!

Acestumacher, Leader.
Sandrox, Car importer, ingame developer,
misterbeam, Physics,
IMrIMike, Sounds expert,
Quintin Plane, 2d artist, editor,
Wilmer Chavez, 2d artist, original tires and Ferrari skin devloper

V Beta 2

Assetto Corsa F1sr Ferrari f248


Assetto Corsa F1sr ferrari f248 Download


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