Ferrari 643 – 1991

With great satisfaction ASR Formula has released their first car for Assetto Corsa!
First of all they want to thank their fans who supported them with donations!

The Ferrari 643 was a Formula One car designed by Steve Nichols and Jean-Claude Migeot and was built by Scuderia Ferrari for use in the 1991 Formula One season. Built during May and introduced at the French Grand Prix it initially looked to have potential to run at the front. Alain Prost qualified on the front row and took the lead, and although he was eventually passed by Nigel Mansell in his Renault powered Williams FW14, a second place in the car’s first race looked promising. Aside from almost always being on the front part of the grid, it was not to be however. The chassis of the 643 was a total redesign over the 642 which suffered inconsistent handling issues, and was designed to allow for a more softer suspension travel, as per Prost’s request. The car also featured Ferrari’s first ‘raised nose’ design which allowed better airflow underneath the car. The V12 engine was upgraded six major times during 1991, with the final evolution used from Portugal to the end of the season. The chassis itself had two revisions, the first after the French Grand Prix—which saw a relocation of the exhaust exits from underneath the car, and Belgium which saw minor alterations to the body cover.

Ferrari 643 – V1.0 (2016/11/16)
AC Project manager: mati.sala90
Animations: mati.sala90
Physics: ryoner
Sounds: ferrari64
AO Maps & Alpha Channels: mati.sala90
Damage & Dirt Textures: mati.sala90
Skins and Texture: alesanchez
Helmet Skins: alesanchez
Suit Skins: alesanchez
Gloves Skins: Simontek27
Original model: rf900r
3D Tire and Rims: alesi_fan
Original Sound samples: wolferl
ASR CEO: alesanchez
F1SR CEO: acestumacher
Promotions: f1lover
Video Promotions: ddntube
Renders/PDF: mati.sala90

Installation notes:
Please delete all files of any previous versions of this mod.
Copy the content folder inside “AC Files” to your AC directory.
Please, be sure to install their custom driver inside “assettocorsa\content\driver”.

Assetto Corsa Ferrari 643 – 1991 Download


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