Broadspeed Jaguar xj12c

The Broadspeed Jaguar xj12c has been released for Assetto Corsa. This car is great fun to drive and sounds really good aswell.

Features of the car:
-gearbox: 4 gear stick shift manual
-naturally aspirated 5.4litre V12 engine. 600hp@7500rpm
-cockpit adjustable arbs (hopefully ac will support this some day)
-front wheels were using single bolt attachment system like all sportscars do nowadays
-independent suspension on all corners
-19 inch wheels and low profile slicks tires
-water bottle in the cockpit so you can spray water into the front brakes to cool them down
-inboard brakes on the rear
-walnut dahsboard
-non fia approved rollcage

V Final1 – Updated for AC 1.1

(Please delete any older versions before installing)

Assetto Corsa Broadspeed jaguar xj12c


Assetto Corsa Broadspeed Jaguar xj12c Download


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