Sim Racing System

  1. What is SRS?
    • SRS is a fully automated online system that enables simracers to compete against drivers from all over across the globe with some of their favourite sims.
  2. How does it work?
    • SRS provides a web interface that allows to register at scheduled sessions and puts you directly on the servers.
  3. What do I need to race on SRS?
    • You need to register an account at
    • You need to install the required SRS software (Assetto corsa app available on the SRS forum)
    • you need to own the supported sims and have them installed on your PC.
  4. Registration requirements?
    • Registration is free
    • Your username must be your first and last names (if you have problems with this, SRS ain’t for you)
      ex: Henrique Alves
      not:henriquealves or HAlves or H.Alves or Henrique Aif the username is already taken add an initial or middle name
      ex: Henrique O Alves
    • Registrations are manually accepted, you may have to wait a few minutes or hours…
  5. Software Required?
    • Once you are accepted, you’ll be able to download the Assetto Corsa app on the forum.
      extract to your AC root folder and activate like you do all apps.
  6. How do I join a race?
    • Easy! access the app inside AC, make sure you are logged in (top-right corner)The first table shows some stats from the categories: road, oval and offroad.The next tables show you the series that are running.
      Brief Table explanation: left to right Series logo and track logo, counter and button, series image and sim logo and dropdown button.
      The counter shows you the remaining time to the session start, you have to register before the last 5 minutes!
      once registered, when the counter hits the 03:00, you can press ‘join‘ to enter the session.the dropdown button shows you more info regarding the session like calendar and session settings.
  7. How do i see my results / standings?
    • once you finish your session, you can leave AC server and return to the app. click on the standings menu and simply click on the desired button: race results, fastest laps or championship standings.
      If you collide against another driver, wall, fence, distance sign etc.., points will be subtracted to your score.
  8. Rating what is it, what is it used for?
    • It measures your performance on SRS (incidents included) and it will affect split selection.
  9. Did a race, shows on race results but no rating or championship points?
    • Rating will always count but, but you only score for the championship, if there is at least 8 drivers on the race.
      Note that non official races get very little rating.
  10. Registered but didn’t showed up, will I be suspended?
    • For the test period, these penalties are deactivated, but they exist and work.
  11. Split Selection?
    • servers are configured for 20 slots. if there are more than 20 drivers registered, more splits will open. The system designed to work up to 4 splits (80 drivers).
      Upon registration, drivers will be placed on the several splits according to their rating and performance on that specific championship.
  12. When will the tests end?
    • There is no official release date.

If you still have doubts regarding the interface and usage, James videos (Gamer Muscle) can also help you.

Do not forget that the system is under tests, i know it’s easy to forget since it’s fully functional but there is a lot to do.
There will be races without results, server crashing, ratings changed and more…if you find an error, please report it on SRS forum

Watch a video about it here!


Assetto Corsa Sim Racing System Download

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