Transfagarasan North & South

Here we have the North and South Section of Transfagarasan. The full run of Transfagarasan is over 90km (60mi) long and was built as a strategic military route. It is a stunning track to drive up or even try drifting if you are keen enough!

Version 0.8

New surface with cracked road mesh.

new grass, cliffs and far terrain textures
terrain, roads & trees shaders improvements
*terrain & all collisions are now on physical mesh set to NOT RENDERABLE
*all doubled, tripled, quadrupled (…) materials were deleted
(DIPS are down from around 6-8k (in v0.5) to 1.5-2.5k (in v0.6) )
+renamed almost all materials and objects
+KSTREE shaders for trees (more improvements to tree shaders soon)
and more…

Credits: Simtraxx

Assetto Corsa Transfagarasan

Assetto Corsa Transfagarasan North & South Hill Climb Download


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