It is set in the beautiful country side of Italian Tuscany.

The track now has 3 layouts :
Short: Toscana Centrale
Regular: Toscana Gran Premio
Regular with bypass: Toscana Gran Premio Veloce

The track features a Hairpin, a Bankturn, two chicanes and a tunnel.
The main track is a “8” that turns clockwise.
The version right now is 0.3 with WIP AI and WIP replay cameras (AI for GP layout made by TibuszHun ;)).

The road to 1.0:

0.4 The long track update
Add the longest track version suitable for endurance racing.

0.5 The detail update
Add track side details such as cranes, cameras, trucks, some scenery etc…
Vegetation and trees overhaul.

0.6 The people update
Add people, crowd, flag, banner etc…
Add and tweak camera set for replay.

0.7 The road update
Retexture road, sand and kerbs. Making smooth visual connection between them.
Add skid marks and other surface effects.
Add real local deformation and unique feel on the high definition physical road mesh.
Tweak surface.ini.

0.8 The AI update
Trying to fix and optimize AI lines.
Creating, fixing and tweaking interactive object and .ini files.

0.9 The optimization update
Reduce draw calls. Consolidating objects, textures, materials, tweaking LOD, clipping, detail layers etc…

1.0 The “mostly” final debug update
Gathering a maximum bug from the community and fixing a maximum of them to be able to release a proper 1.0.

1.1 and above
No new content, just fixing remaining issues.

Credits: Fastfab

Assetto Corsa Toscana Download

Assetto Corsa Toscana Download

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