Takigahara Mountain Pass

Touge track based on real Japanese mountain pass.

length: 4200m
width: 6m to 10m
camber: 0.5 to 1 degree
surface: Dusty and old tarmac
gutters: 10 to 20 cm depth

-Added reverse version
-Cams for normal version
-Some new tarmac and wall textures
-Some new 3d objects
-Adjusted guardrails and walls
-Wider track on some points
-Added 32 pits for normal version and 24 for reversed version
-Grass and trees adjustments (floating trees are solved)
-Solved sticky guardrails
-Adjusted cambers
-Resized gutters
-Overall track looks better

Credits: Fca

Assetto Corsa Takigahara Mountain Pass


Assetto Corsa Takigahara Mountain Pass Download

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