The Red Bull Ring is a motorsport circuit in Spielberg, Austria.
The race circuit was founded as Österreichring and hosted the Formula One Austrian Grand Prix for 18 consecutive years, from 1970 to 1987. It was later shortened, re-built and renamed to A1-Ring, which hosted the Austrian Grand Prix again from 1997 to 2003. When Formula One outgrew the circuit, a plan was drawn up to extend the layout. Parts of the circuit, including the pits and main grandstand were demolished, but construction work was stopped and the circuit remained unusable for several years before it was purchased by Red Bull’s Dietrich Mateschitz and rebuilt. Renamed it to Red Bull Ring and the track was re-opened on 15 May 2011 and subsequently hosted a round of the 2011 DTM season and a round of the 2011 F2 championship. Formula One returned to the circuit in the 2014 season.

The old Österreichring was more often referred to as being located at Zeltweg, which is bigger and better known. However, the circuit was never relocated, only modified.

Author: SMD team
Converted: Mitja Bonca (90% re-built and rising), I`m working on the track since January 2015

Track features:
– three layouts (full, south course and inner skill course), one more is in the plan too (north course)
– 32 pitboxes (same number of grids) with working pitlane and car garages
– complete 3D terrain
– 3d and 2d trees according to the real one in Spielberg
– working AI (could be batter)
– working starting lights (and lots of semaphores around the track – greens and reds)
– dynamic tyre grooves, that changes during racing
– skid marks (brake marks), tyre grooves and cracked tarmac
– track maps and turn names
– working map and sections
– 5 TV cameras for full, 3 for south and 1 for inner skill course
– real track of spring/summer 2016

V2.0 – If you like his work please donate HERE

– complete new 2016 layout (added new curbs, concrete, carpet and cubes)
– remodeled 1st turn with curbs and runoff areas
– changed all the yellow curbs in all tight corners with new ones from 2016
– lighting change of plenty of objects to looks more real, specially in the dark
– physical layer adjusted
– new AI for both layouts
– racing line adjusted a lot (changed and put on the ground level, so no driving through) to look way more real – lots of hours spent on it
– brake and skidmarks added and adjusted (on track and in pits)
– new waving flags around the track (on a demend)
– added dust on the road surface (mostly sand, taken out of sand traps)
– added lake in the middile of the track
– sand traps surface adjusted to act like real sand now
– lots of small changes



Assetto Corsa Red Bull Ring

Assetto Corsa Spielberg Download

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