Rainbow Road

Think your playing Mario Kart? WELL YOUR WRONG! Someone has been crazy enough to make Rainbow Road for Assetto Corsa. This is so much fun you really need to try it out.

Credit goes to N64AC from reddit for this amazing track.

To Use This Mod: Put this folder in the Assetto Corsa tracks folder
The track is 4km, double the length compared to the original track. This was done to make the track easier to drive
Creative liberties were taken in modeling the bank angle in corners. This should make the track more interesting and fun

Known Issues
Some cars don’t take kindly to the large jump and break their suspension, even with the damage model off.
The review mirror render distance is too short, so the star background isn’t visible
The windshield reflects sunlight, even with no sunlight on the track

Things for Future Releases
Pit lane speed limiter
Rainbow Road theme song

Assetto Corsa Rainbow Road


Rainbow Road Download


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