Hope RaceTrack

I present you Hope RaceTrack, a fantasy race track that he made five years ago and now it is rebuilt for Assetto Corsa.​


  • Location: somewhere in Kazakhstan or… :)
  • Type: Fictional circuit
  • High Density Road Mesh
  • Dynamic grooves
  • 3D grass
  • 4 different layouts
  • FREE
    • Hope:
      • length: 3.77km /2.34 miles
      • pit boxes: 30
    • Historic
      • length: 4.65km/2.88 miles
      • pit boxes: 30
    • Time Attack A
      • length: 3.19km/1.98 miles
      • type: hillclimb A2B (point-to-point)
      • pit boxes: 6
    • Time Attack B
      • length: 3.30km/2.05 miles
      • type: A2B (point-to-point)
      • pit boxes: 6

Original Hope 3.77km layout is free and it works just like a normal track.
Full version of the track package is only for donators and supporters of his work. Full version contains: Hope without track boundaries; Historic layout; Time Attack A&B layouts;

More info @ http://lemaxsimracing.com/assettocorsa/hope


Assetto Corsa Hope RaceTrack

Assetto Corsa Hope RaceTrack Download

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