Great Wall SpeedWay

It is a track that creates a few years ago to rFactor with Bob track builder program (with the demo version so quickly and various xpack containing various objects taken here and there, but never finished) and then I tried to convert for Assetto Corsa.

The track is based on some streets of the city where I live, where in ’34 and ’35 was really raced (Short historical report in italian). It had to be about 2km, but the inexperience with the programI wrong the reference image size and, therefore, the track has become of 4km. The lack of items such houses for BTB (that it was available recently), I made some small changes to the original layout and has become a real circuit. At the end I abandoned the project but, recently, take it back and start from scratch with Blender.

– Correct a not working collision mesh in some wall
– Added two DRS Zones
– Change some secondary textures
– added various boundary objects to align the landscape to the version for RF2: Added streetlights around the track, new detalis in the funpark zone, slightly enlarged the trees
– Redo all Fence
– Fixed some other small details

Assetto Corsa Great Wall SpeedWay

Assetto Corsa Great Wall SpeedWay Download

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