Fuji Speedway 1968

I give you Fuji Speedway 1968 track made originally by CY-33 and derDumeklemmer for GT Legends. Converted and improved for Assetto Corsa by WilliamTRiker. This is his first track conversion/making experience.


– 3 Layouts:
GP: Full classic track including the banking section
F1: Short layout used on mid 70s to host F1 Japanese Grand Prix
Can-Am: Reversed short layout

– Working AI
– Working Starting Lights
– Physical Mesh
– 1 Set of replay cameras
– 28 Pit Boxes


– Full scenario mesh smoothing
– Road physical mesh
– 3D surrounding mountains built on satellite data
– Complete vegetation rearrangement
– Grass and dirt textures mapping
– New textures for roads, grass, dirt, vegetation, and bigger textures for all other objects

Thanks to CY-33 (author of the original track) for helping him getting the track finished!


Assetto Corsa Fuji Speedway 1968 Download


Assetto Corsa Fuji Speedway 1968 Download

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