Circuit Mas du Clos

The small circuit at Mas du Clos has never held nationally-sanctioned motor racing events, instead focusing on providing excellent test and track day facilities in stunningly beautiful surroundings. Recent years have sadly seen activities curtailed as wrangles continue as to whether the private venue needs to accord with international safety standards – the owners now seem set to consolidate their activities on a gravel rally track.

Full Circuit
1.909 miles / 3.072 km

Track Features
Physics Mesh (Bumpy Old Track)
2 Layouts – Full Circuit & Short Loop
Invisible Collision Mesh
17 Pit Boxes
Track Maps
Working AI
Audio Sources (Building & Bridge Reverbs)
4 Camera Sets (Courtesy of norbs & Sunny Sky Speed – Thanks Lads)

Credits: Jim Lloyd


  • Added Proper sand traps – and adjusted to match final 2010 layout – as it was at time of closing
  • Re-painted entire terrain – more subtle details
  • Fixed Sticky Barriers – new collision mesh created
  • Fixed Out of bounds drop lap issue – Re-positioned timing gates
  • Added Track Logo Banner
  • Added patches Seams
  • New Track edges
  • Approx 10 more frames optimization (LOD grass and all other elements around track)

Assetto Corsa Circuit Mas du Clos



Assetto Corsa Circuit Mas du Clos Download


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