Biķernieki Race Track

Biķernieki is Latvia’s only permanent motor racing circuit has been undergoing a revival in recent years, with track improvements and safety upgrades brought in part by the advent of its hosting of World Rallycross. Flourishing once again as a hub of regional racing, the Biķernieki complex appears to have a bright future once more.

0.3 version:
– High Speed Ring configuration
– laser scanned track surface
– replay cameras
– AI line

0.4 version:
– short “Oval” circuit configuration
– a simple Drift configuration
– improved road surface collision model
– added grooves
– improved AI trajectories
– added apex and brake cones
– 3D geometry optimization
– detailed finish line and working semaphores
– collision wall fixes
– timing checkpoints now back to 3 (as supported by AC)
– track section names
– some new textures
– added flags and banners

Credits: Martinsh

Assetto Corsa Biķernieki Race Track


Assetto Corsa Biķernieki Race Track Download



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