PeterBitt started working on a Autobahn track for AC and got the basics done. The road mesh and textures for lane width and road markings, as well as the guard rails have the exact dimensions they have in real life.

For now this is mostly a proof of concept as there is only the road, guard rails and very rough terrain at the moment. As he makes every model and texture by hand and from scratch this will take a while to fill with life, so he wanted to share this basic WIP already. Because with the AI it is actually quite a bit of fun imo. The AI line is recorded so that they try to stick to the right lane and overtake on the left, just like the German “Rechtsfahrgebot” suggests. They are a bit wobbly tho and sometimes overtake on the right – work in progress!

Credits: PeterBitt

Assetto Corsa AutoBahn

For all information on this track please click here.



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