Aspertsham is located in Upper Bavaria (80 km away from Munich) and is 3.6 km long with very narrow roads. The layout is more or less a classic triangle circuit with three slow corners, connected by straights and some bends.

At the moment it’s for hot lapping only.

Thomas Laechele


Important note:
Please don’t take a trip into the maize fields, you will fall through (will be fixed in next update).

– reduced number of materials: 632 -> 532 (–100) (still faaar too many materials)
– reduced number of textures: 536 -> 468 (–68) (the same here)
– better tree shadows at high noon (layers for shadows added)
– some improved shader settings / UV coordinates

– orientation of starting boxes
– gates for section time are now further away from road
– the layout was a bit off on both sides of the corner in Hargassen, now it’s fixed

– track description
– Summer vegetation (late July instead of May/June), therefore maize fields
– updates according to real life changes
– five new buildings
– nine new textures

– 3D tree trunk (at the moment for one tree, first one on the left side of Ellinger Kreuz)

Included are TV cameras, made by dodz27.
Thanks again dodz27 for allowing me to use your camera files in this update. You did a great job!

Known issues:
– no track map (there is a map available, but I haven’t asked the author for permission yet)
– ai made by dodz27 is only for cameras, not tested for race
– some missing collision boxes (especially for trees)
– number of pits: 2
– physics “road” for everything, no grass or dirt surface
– the mesh is not finished yet, its too rough in some places/corners
– still one big mesh, no subdivision in smaller parts
– some placeholder textures, missing objects
– texture mapping wrong at some places
– some small lines above textures (wrong uv coordinates)

Assetto Corsa Aspertsham


Assetto Corsa Aspertsham Download


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