Updated from the original Assetto Corsa conversion :

  • Physics fully rebuilt from the tyres up by Tim Jimmink & Simon King
  • Templates for all 3 cars have been updated
  • Added all the VASC 2017 liveries to date
  • All materials and shaders have been modified
  • New textures have been created for many items
  • Exhaust flames have been modified
  • Driver animations for all 3 cars have been customized
  • Functioning windows

Credits for the ORIGINAL BASE MOD being the Assetto Corsa conversion are to the following people, as without them they would not have been able to work or improve upon this mod, and they truly thank that team for allowing the current team to continue the develop of these cars:

“B375” models, templates, sounds
“Mach77” Sounds editing
“RacingtechCZ” Physics, skins, Files assembly, Project coordinator
“Terra21” some base skins and mental motivation to original team

Please Note:-
All liveries in this mod and improvements to textures & materials are by RNR’s VASC Skins.
Physics are totally rebuilt by Team DOWNSYDE Garage.
No original physics or skins are now in this mod.

Assetto Corsa V8SCorsa


Assetto Corsa V8SCorsa Download



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