Test Plane

I’ve had this rough mod for a while but I’m not planning on pushing it any further so I figured I would release it as it is.

Like I said it’s pretty rough, it uses a free model from the internet as a place holder as it was more of a physics experiment. So as a result feel free to take any of the data, and modify it / redistribute in any way you want.

To get it working

  • Make sure AUTOFLIP_RECOVERY=0 in assettocorsa/system/cfg/options.ini
  • Disable damage (I don’t think it will gain enough speed with damage on)


1 gear, forwards, 1 for reverse. It turns like rubbish so some tighter tracks might be hard to get off the ground. Throttle = up, off throttle = down (there’s no control input for pitch up and down in AC).

Have fun!

Credit: The_Meco for making this awesome mod!

Assetto Corsa Test Plane


Assetto Corsa Test Plane Download

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