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!!!!!!!!!!!!!SP MODS 2017 V1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Was gonna be Sunday but we surprised you all have drifting weekend)

Now 2017 has come and we are happy to say they now have a new lease of life as the project was abandoned a long time ago.


All cars have been reworked from the ground up with all new Physics which includes tires, suspension, handling and a whole new power curve to every car.
All new looks and extras have been added to the cars to give them a nicer look.
All shaders have been reworked.
All sounds have been done to work with latest version of AC 1.13.2 (28.4.17.)
No fixes or switchers needed and if you have no sound you need to use the default Assetto Corsa SFX.
All cars are Fully VR compatible.
Some of the cars have been renamed according to there setup no longer do we have 3 of the same cars in some places.
With that in mind though we have tried to keep the originality of the pack.
All cars have updated UI.JON files and all info and descriptions.
You will also notice there is a couple extra cars to play with enjoy. πŸ™‚
New logo and loading logos for all cars.

This has been months work of time and effort and we hope that you enjoy what we have done for you.
Special thanks to the new guys that have taken this project on: Mike Rudland, Jack Thorpe, Chris Hart/(Alexander) and Connor Moyle for the amazing work.
We would also like to thank Nay Wilson on the help with the Tomei Cusco Wrx Sti and Tim Jimmink for the S13 realignment of the body parts.

We ask that you DO NOT re upload to any other sites without atleast speaking to one of us first.

Known Problems.

TO DO on update hotfix:
We are aware some of the driver animations are disabled or not 100% in line with gear shifters which we will work on over time.
We have one more car to add into the pack that was not there before but having mega issues at the moment and will be added with update in time.
Panspeed RX7 needs dials putting in but thats it.
Shader alterations to some cars.
180sx needs real rubber trim and black glass.
Also hit us up with any new boost gauge models if you have any.
Tomei Cusco Wrx Sti Drift needs some Physics work.

Dai Yoshihara s13
Falken Sky
Nissan 180sx
Orange Evo X
FC Rx7
Wrx STi

To find out more info or report problems or even just to say thank you please go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/436595309857460/ and leave a message here
and we will get to it asap.

Assetto Corsa SP MOD


Assetto Corsa SP Mod Download



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