Nissan 180sx Type X

The 180sx Type X is now release for Assetto Corsa! The car features the famous SR20DET Blacktop motor with an upgraded HKS turbo making 450nm of torque.

Credit goes to Dori for this and special thanks to @finepot for testing, @Patrik Marek for the driver,@felipe vaiano and @crousti for help with the physics and @bobskype for being extremely helpful with physics for next version.

Version 1.3.1 changes:
ABS adjusted for AC v1.2.4, Recommend ABS off for drifting.
FFB adjusted for all cars.
Fuel tank size corrected.
Tail lights more authentic lighting.
Street tyre mistake fixed for tuned versions.
Changed dash shader

Assetto Corsa 180sx Type X

Assetto Corsa Nissan 180sx Type X Download

Nissan 180sx Type X Skin Template Download



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