Lamborghini Diablo SE30 Jota

Only 150 SE30 models were built, and of these, about 15 were converted to “Jota” specification (although 28 Jota kits were produced). The “Jota” was a factory modification kit designed to convert the race-oriented SE30 into an actual circuit racer, albeit at the cost of street-legal operation. A revised engine lid with two ducts protruding above the roofline forced air into the intake system; a similar lid design would later be used on the Diablo SV model. With even more tuning of the Diablo’s venerable V12 engine, the Jota kit produced nearly 603 PS (444 kW; 595 hp) and 639 N·m (471 lb·ft) of torque. An open exhaust system produced deafening engine roar, one of the main contributing factors to the Jota’s track-only status, although some owners converted back to standard exhaust in order to enjoy their “super Diablo” on the road. The rear-view mirror from the interior was also removed because it was completely useless in conjunction with the revised engine lid, further adding to the race feeling of the car.

3D model created by Alberto Daniel Russo (@A3DR)
Physics by Jason Coates (@aphidgod)
Sound samples from official cars

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Awesome trailer thanks to @Ph0b0s

Assetto Corsa Lamborghini Diablo SE30 Jota


Assetto Corsa Lamborghini Diablo SE30 Jota Download

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