Lada 2101 A2 Group

Lada 2101 is a front-engine rear-wheel-drive compact class car, re-engineered version of the Fiat 124.
This version is racing car A2 group for Soviet Union touring championship and for Cup of Peace and Friendship championship.

3D modelling
|Viper|, Yuriy Zhabin, Kunos

2D artists
|Viper|, Yuriy Zhabin, Kunos

|Viper|, Dmitriy Alekseev, Kunos, Yuriy Zhabin

Alexey Cheshenok, Vladislav Kurochkin, Yuriy Zhabin

Test Drivers
Alexey Yaushev, Alexander Predein, Alexey Cheshenok, Vladislav Kurochkin

Assetto Corsa Lada 2101 A2 Group


Assetto Corsa Lada 2101 A2 Group Download


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