Kutch 2000SL

The newly released Kutch 2000SL is a fantasy car that is meant to be made to compete with cars like the Aerial Atom or the X-Bow. The motor is a 4G63T out of a Galant VR4 and makes roughly 400hp at the wheels. This car is an absolute blast to drive, It handles amazingly at high speed with all the down force from that rear wing and at low speeds you can use the throttle to slide the car through the corners. The physics feel spot and and give great response through the wheel. If you feel like you have mastered this car press 0 on your keyboard and try out 100% boost where it makes 700hp!


Updated to 0.81 !!
Now working sounds for FMOD
and 3 versions!
Standard, Club and Bare

Assetto Corsa Kutch 2000SL

Assetto Corsa Kutch 2000SL Download


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