KRB Audi S1 Silhouette

It’s a one-off build by KRB-Trading of Norway for the “Extreme”-class race series, held as part of the Scandinavian Gatebil tuner/car culture festivals. A car built with basically no rules and limits. Somewhere between Unlimited Time Attack and “cure for polar night depression”. Over 1000 bhp at all four wheels. Big turbo lag, even bigger wings.

While it looks like an Audi S1 Evo 2 rally car on steroids, pretty much only the S2 cylinder head sports the four rings. This emulsification of Scandinavian performance and tuner culture further consists of a VW Transporter inline-5 2.5 litre TDI engine block, Comp Turbo CT 43 71/79 turbocharger, Sellholm MPG Rallycross transmission and front differential, KRB-custom Ford 9” rear differential, Porsche Cup tires, Volvo S80 front uprights on all four corners and a fully custom tubeframe chassis that may even have some sheeting left from a FWD ’85 Audi Coupé, among other things. All clad in a Quattro E2 Pikes Peak replica bodykit, modified to fit the tubeframe and extended wheelbase.

Special thanks to:
Soundbank: IMrIMike
Skins: After_Midnight, TTM75
Shader help: Ben O’Bro
Aero analysis & simulation: Ferit Saklu (Pure Power Racing), CAEdevice
Physics/testing: Aphidgod, FlandreNien, PheNom107th, mantasisg
Driver position & animation: Stereo’s Blender Driver rig and export plugin
Racepak dash font: CALCULATOR by Artsy-Antics (,
All the rest made by AccAkut of (

Assetto Corsa KRB Audi S1 Silhouette

KRB Audi S1 Silhouette Download

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