Honda NSX

Here we go all you Honda vtec yo lovers we finally have something for you! The iconic Honda NSX and NSX-R are now released  for you to try. Its mid engined and high revving which makes it a blast to drive.

Credit goes to siimannuk, David Dominguez and NeverKrash

The release includes 4 cars:
– Honda NSX NA1
– Honda NSX NA2
– Honda NSX-R NA1
– Honda NSX-R S1 (a fictional upgrade for the NSX-R)

The changelog (since the last beta 2) includes:
– much improved physics matching closely the real car;
– accurate sounds recorded from the real car;
– graphical improvements including dash lights, driver shift animations, better headlights and tail lights etc.

Known issues:
– the driver shift animations are not perfect, but good enough for external views
– no LODs


Assetto Corsa Honda NSX


Assetto Corsa Honda NSX Download

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