Someone has finally made GoKarts for Assetto Corsa! This is still a work in progress but is amazing fun to drive and feels really good through the wheel. There are 4 different types of GoKarts to choose from:

50cc GoKart – 13bhp/11NM, 70kg, ~105km/h

100cc GoKart – 22bhp/15NM, 70kg, ~125km/h

125cc GoKart – 31bhp/21NM, 71kg, ~140km/h

125cc GoKart Shifter – 41bhp/28NM (Turbo), 74kg, ~155km/h, 6-speed

Credit goes to Warlock for this great mod.

Updated for latest version of AC – 15/07/2017

  • AI doesn’t seem drunk anymore
  • AI can brake now more to the limit
  • Karts take less Damage
  • Pilot head not visible for VR
  • Automatic gears now work

Updated by a user from reddit called cercata. Many thanks to him 🙂

Assetto Corsa GoKarts v0.4 Download
GoKart Tracks Download


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