FC RX7 – Updated

This mod was only sent to me in the last few days and I haven’t had a chance to properly try it out yet. It is the famous Mazda FC Rx7 with its Wankel Rotary engine. With this mod there are a few different variants of the Rx7 with various motor swaps which include the following:
Rx7 – 13B

Rx7 – 20b

Rx7 – Ls3

Rx7 – Sr20

Rx7 – Street version

Updated with working sounds again for RC1.0!

A huge thanks to a community member (Jesterhat84) for updating and making this a fully functional mod again. Not only has he updated all the cars with new working sounds he has made a few other tweaks to improve the cars.

Assetto Corsa FC RX7

EDIT: This car is now apart of the SP MOD PACK – Please See Here For Download Link


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