AC Legends Prototypes

This mod contains 6 historic prototypes:
-Ferrari 312PB
-Ferrari 330P4
-Lola T70 Spyder
-Lola T290
-McLaren M1B
-Porsche 906

All cars have their unique character, from the brutal Can Am Lola T70 and McLaren M1B to the balanced and nimble Lola T290. Both Ferrari’s resemble a different design philosophy; the 330 P4 was a low drag design, which produced lift on the straights, while the 312PB was more like an F1 car with a larger body. Finally the Porsche 906 feels more like a light road car, but was also designed with low drag in mind. The lack of horsepower combined with the small tires make it less competitive, but it is great fun to race against the GT cars.

Credits to:
– SmallBlock Hero (models)
– dr. Doomslab (rescaling models)
– Jari Leppänen‎ (rescaling models)
– Goran Martensson (rescaling models)
– Ned (skins)
– F1 Classic forum
– RD forum (ks RSR skins)

AC Legends Prototypes


Assetto Corsa AC Legends Prototypes Download

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