Abarth 1000TC

This mod was based on the original 1000TC by Angelo Granata that has given permission for this mod..
In the archive you will find 3 folders to add in to your content/cars folder.
They have the had physics completely reworked so all the models are represented by Group 5 handing which also includes a street version of the 1000TC,  Group 2 version and the Group 5 TCR.
Thanks to GT Legends for original 3D models.

This car is absolutely insane to drive, Rear mounted motor combined with a short wheel base rear wheel drive setup makes for some insane snap oversteer. Takes a lot of getting used to but is really satisfying when you get it right

Credits: Giuseppe Abagnale


Very small changes to damping model and a little but significant change to inertia’s that make the cars more reactive on front axle as they should be, being them rear engine cars.


Assetto Corsa Abarth 1000TC

Assetto Corsa Abarth 1000TC Download

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