Ford GT40 Classic Racing V8 Sound Mod

So here we have it, the first version of the Ford GT40 sound mod is a fact! I hope you will enjoy it as much as AmplifiedNL has had the pleasure of creating this beastly sounding car note. It is a very loud,vintage raw racecar sound mod.

It still needs some refinement and new sounds here and there. But the main engine note is good enough to fully enjoy this right now. Current volume levels where done with putting every audio slider ingame at 10.

The readme textfile contains the installation instructions for those that need such guidance.

As soon as i saw that AmplifiedNL had made this mod I knew it would be amazing as all his other work is top notch!

Made by AmplifiedNL – Jeroen van Iperen

If you love his work you can donate to him HERE

Assetto Corsa Ford GT40 Classic Racing V8 Sound Mod Download

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