Assetto Corsa Career Generator

Ever wanted to make your own career for Assetto Corsa? Well now you can!
Assetto Corsa Career Generator will allow you to generate your own career path using whatever tracks and cars you would like.

Very small manual

Credit goes to ZioYuri78 for this!


Every update isn’t backward compatible!

The Time track-bar in “new/edit event” form is bugged, use the arrow keys to move it because with mouse still cause many problems! (sorry for this, i need to find a better solution in the code).

In file “cfg\settings.ini” verify the path under [AC_PATH], if is not equal your Assetto Corsa path please correct it or ACCG will not work properly.

In this version you can create, edit and delete series, events and opponents.

This tool is really the first runnable build, probably have some bug i don’t discovered and the source code need a lot of refactoring, is the first time i’m using C# as a language.

Please, feel free to post here your impression, question and suggestion on the thread in Assetto Corsa official forum:


Assetto Corsa Career Generator v0.7.1 Download


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